Saturday, 8 November 2014

Gardens in saputara

 Saputara is a famous hill station of Gujarat, India. Every year too many people came here in holidays to spend their time with family and friends. There are too many attractions in Saputara where people can spend their time and enjoy a lot. Gardens of saputara are also famous attractions of saputara. Here in this article i will give you little information about Gardens of Saputara. There are total 3 gardens at saputara which are Lake Garden, Rose Garden and Step Garden. You can spend half of the day or entire day to see these three gardens.

Rose Garden: Are you like flowers? If yes then you will like this garden very much. Rose garden is filled with flowers. Especially you will find Roses of different types in this garden. Because of that this garden is named as Rose Garden. Best time to visit this garden is in winter and early to summer. 

Rose Garden Saputara
Lake Garden: Lake Garden is located around the Saputara Lake. It is a very famous picnic spot in saputara. There are few rides in Lake garden for kids. Food court is also available there in lake garden. Among all the gardens of saputara, Lake garden is the most popular garden for picnic. You can enjoy the best view of saputara lake and take good snaps from this garden. 
Lake Garden Saputara

Step Garden: According to name this garden is built on steps. You will find different types of flowerpots and plants in this step garden of saputara. Beautiful Wooden work is done in the center of step garden. There is an open area for the children in the garden to play. People also visit this garden and enjoy to spend time over here.

Step Garden Saputara
 So friends above is the information about gardens of saputara. I hope this article is helpful to you. If you have visited these gardens then must share your experience in the comments. Have a nice day.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sunset Point in Saputara

Are you a nature lover? Do you like to do photography of natural scene? If you answer is yes then you landed at the perfect page. Here you will get the information about Sunset Point of Saputara which is well known attraction of saputara. Sunset point in saputara is also known as Gandhi shikhar. It is a perfect place to spend your evening with your family. You can enjoy the amazing scene of sunset from the peak of Gandhi Shikhar
Sunset Point Saputara

Best time to visit sunset point is from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. From Saputara Lake you have to drive 2 km far to reach at this destination. You need to be careful while driving on the road of Sunset point because it you have to drive upside. You can also reach there in just 10 minutes by ropeway. Few hotels providing facility of ropeway. During this 10 minutes of journey you can see the beautiful valley and greenery from ropeway. 

Camel Riding at Gandhi Shikhar
Once you reach at Sunset point then you will feel like you are in heaven. You can get the wonderful scenes of Forests of Saputara and Mountains. Its a perfect place to take snaps. If you like to do photography of natural scenes then its a golden chance to take a snap of sunset from here. When you see the sunset scene, it seems like sun is drowning in the sea. Sunset is not the only attraction here. Camel riding and Horse riding is also available. Stalls are there for snacks. If you like adventure then go for little trek. You can enjoy a lot here in the evening with your family.

So friends above is the Little information about sunset point of saputara. I hope it is helpful to you. If you visited this place then don'tforget to write your own reviews about sunset point in comment box. If you visit saputara in future then never miss to spend evening at Gandhi shikhar. Have a nice day.    

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Sunrise Point in Saputara

 Have you seen rising sun from your home? Many of us like to see sunrise and sunset scenes. If you are one of them who like to see these kind of beautiful scenes then Saputara is the perfect place to enjoy sunrise and sunset scenes. Here in this post I will tell you about Sunrise Point of Saputara. You will find the information about which is the perfect time of enjoying sunrise in saputara? which things you must have to see at sunrise point?

Sunrise Point Saputara
You need to get up at 5:30 am and reach at the sunrise point to enjoy the beautiful scene of rising sun from the peak of mountain. From Saputara Lake, you have to drive up to 2-3 km and then park your car there. Enjoy the beauty of Sunrise from Sunrise point is not so easy  you need to walk or trek 1km from there to reach the destination. once you will reach at the peak of mountain, you will feel like you are in heaven. From there you can see the entire saputara in shape of a bird's eye. It is a best place from where you can get a best view of the rising sun and that's why it is named as sunrise point. Tourists also like to do photography at this point. It is the most popular place among all attractions of Saputara.
Valley View Point Saputara

If you have any problem in trek then don't worry. few hotels provides facility of ropeway to reach at sunrise point. From this spot you can see the amazing valleys with beautiful greenery. Because of that this place is also known as valley view point. I found that few tourist say that you can enjoy at sunrise point in only morning. But according to my opinion you will enjoy a lot by visiting Sunrise point at anytime. the only thing you will miss is rising sun scene from the peak of mountain if you will visit after sunrise. 

So friends above is the information about sunrise point in saputara. I hope these information is helpful to you. If you have visited this spot then must write your reviews in comment box. If you have not visited then i will suggest you to must visit it.Have a nice day.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Boating in saputara lake

Saputara Lake is one of the beautiful attractions of Saputara. It is located in the center of Saputara. If you are a nature lover then saputara is the perfect place to enjoy your holidays. Here in this article you will get the information about boating in saputara lake. Before we start talking about boating, let me tell you that Saputara Lake is the prime attraction of Saputara which is surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens. It is a wonderful experience for tourists to do boating in saputara. In holidays and festivals, you need to stay in queue for 2-3 hours to do boating. 

Boating in Saputara Lake
There are two types of boating offered in Saputara Lake with nominal charges. Paddle boating and Sail Boating are the two types of boating. Paddle boats have capacity of only 2 to 8 persons. In Paddle boating, Control of boat will be in your hand and boat will be run by you in the lake through pedal. Sail boating consumes 15 to 20 persons in one boat. In sail boating, control of Boating will not be in your hand. There are paddle boats available with capacity of 2 to 8 persons per boat for couples and families.There are no timings of Saputara Lake for tourists but timing for boating is 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Other games and rides for children and adults are available in the parks surrounding Saputara Lake.
Saputara Lake

You can spend your entire day in Saputara Lake and surrounding parks which are full of greenery. Tourists enjoy the beauty of parks and feels an amazing peace near the saputara lake. An aquarium and Shops are there for tourists in front of saputara lake.I hope that all the information about boating in Saputara lake is helpful to you. If you know more about it then feel free to mention it in comments so that it will be helpful to readers.